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MDSecurity Pricing 1 year MDSecurity:

Pixel 3A - GraphneOS - 999 euro

Sumsung A32 - 899 euro
Samsung A12 - 799 euro
Own Device with Knox Support - 600 euro

(All prices are with 1 year MDSecurity subscription)

Payment Crypto

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MDSecurity Features

MDSecurity Unique Security Measures

Our servers are locations are kept secret, for security and privacy reasons.
As explained before, our MDM Server is highly secure, physical and virtual. Online only when needed, high strong encryption and security protocals for accessing data.
It is very straight forward, for now there has been no need for a manual.
Yes it does. All you need is internet, it does not matter where you are.
Wiping can be done remotely on your request, for any reason you see fit.
One can install OpenSource implementation of PGP, the best and most secure, using opensource mail client + openpgp. This would require some setting up by the user, or the user can use protonmail or tutanota which only requires the user to register for an account.
Buy MDSecurity incl device! (999€ / Year)