About MDSecurity

MDSecurity is based on opensource proven reliable solutions, unlike Ennet PGP, IronChat, EncroChat who asked ridiculous fees, with so-called security that were all made up, these kind of companies who create closed software are worse because they create false trust based on the incompetence with only goal of profit.

The only question any user needs to ask is, how can end to end encryption be live read, end to end encryption means even if the server compromised messages should be safe, let alone read live!

This only proves the only true secure way is transparent, proven and opensource solutions, end-to-end encryption, P2P, decentralised, we offer everything for everyone. What differentiates us from others:

Other “secure” phone solutions block the user from doing many things and limits the user to a select few things, making it basically a very expensive supervised child device and calling it security. At the same time such solutions get hacked, cracked and exposed offering in the end no real security at all.

We do not protect you against yourself! We protect you against the outside threat, by working with you, and providing you with tools to safe guard your privacy. Take your privacy serious, our system is not designed to protect it against its own user, but rather to offer one of the worlds best security phone against the real threat from adversaries for users who value and are serious about security and privacy.

Our system gives the user options between carefully audited software solutions to choose from, install and use. We will list our security practises below, and you be the judge what security means for you.


OpenSource, Secure, proven and reliable with stringest security measures in mind.

Single Point of Faillure

Because we have a wide range of software the user can install, alternatives, there is no single point of failure. We provide a clear description of each solution, monitor for any security vunerability and act on it.


We offer different solutions that are used by millions of privacy savvy people, it means these are not a single server catered to a particular group or client base, activists, lawyers, business people, traders, ceo's, privacy loving people etc.. Everyone, everywhere in different ways, and different solutions all in 1.

MDSecurity Features

MDSecurity Unique Security Measures

Our servers are locations are kept secret, for security and privacy reasons.
As explained before, our MDM Server is highly secure, physical and virtual. Online only when needed, high strong encryption and security protocals for accessing data.
It is very straight forward, for now there has been no need for a manual.
Yes it does. All you need is internet, it does not matter where you are.
Wiping can be done remotely on your request, for any reason you see fit.
One can install OpenSource implementation of PGP, the best and most secure, using opensource mail client + openpgp. This would require some setting up by the user, or the user can use protonmail or tutanota which only requires the user to register for an account.
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